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One prominent producer of quality blueberries in Eastern Carolina, is Barnes Food. We're located near spectacular White Lake, NC. We grow consistently high quality berries, with several popular varieties ripening fresh all season long. They are carefully sorted for optimal results. Our blueberry farm is known and recognized for its continual pursuit of perfection.

Big Sky Blueberries Barnes Food Company has been in business for over 50 years and during that time has supplied fresh and frozen blueberries to some of the most elite packers and food processors in the food industry. All blueberries are grown at Big Sky Blueberry Farm in White Lake, North Carolina. The blueberries are either packed fresh or processed and frozen at the Barnes Food Company facility which is also in White Lake, adjacent to the farm. The farm and processing plant are family owned and operated as well as supervised by a crew of people whose most urgent concern is to uphold the fine Barnes Food’s quality reputation. We are proud that we grow only the best tasting and most beautiful varieties of blueberries. We also guarantee that all processes involved in the preparation of our product are in accordance with the current Good Manufacturing Practice and HACCP systems and is also Kosher certified. We also guarantee that our product is free-flowing and exceeds all USDA standards for Grade A frozen blueberries.

Free-flowing 30-lb boxes Come to visit Barnes Food and see what the talk is all about!


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